So far, Westworld season 3 hasn’t given us any time with William, AKA the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris. But that’s about to change with episode 4, which brings the character back – and shows that he’s in pretty poor shape. In the Westworld episode 4 promo below, Dolores talks about justice, the Man in Black stumbles around a messy room, and Maeve looks on as stuff explodes.

Westworld Episode 4 Promo

Have you been enjoying Westworld season 3? The general consensus seems to be that this season is a big improvement over the messy, lackluster season 2. That said, I’m still on the fence. I thought the most recent episode was great, but the series still has problems with mystery box nonsense that bogs the whole darn thing down. But there’s still plenty of this season left to get things right.

One main character we haven’t seen yet this season is the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris. Based on the above promo, that’s going to change on the next episode. Season 2 ended with the Man in Black killing his daughter because he thought she was a host (she wasn’t). Needless to say, this action has done a number on the MIB’s mental state, and in the footage here, he looks mighty perturbed.

Beyond that, though, this footage is pretty mysterious, so it’s hard to say what’s going on. Maybe we should check the official episode synopsis?

Season 3, episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles”
Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 5 (9:00-10:10 p.m.)
The truth doesn’t always set you free.
Written by Jordan Goldberg & Lisa Joy; directed by Paul Cameron

Oh. Okay, that’s not very helpful at all.

Back when season 2 ended, Ed Harris was asked about his future involvement in the series. His response was very relatable:

“Even when I watch it. There’s a lot of it that I don’t always understand. I have no idea where it’s heading. I don’t even know if I’m in it or not [next season]. I figure I am? But I don’t know in what capacity, and I don’t know what the what will be happening. I got to tell you, the way this season ends, I have no idea what’s going to be going on.”

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