Even though most of the news these days is terrible, every now and then something good comes out of the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, since ESPN doesn’t have any new sports to air right now, they’ve bumped up the premiere of the 10-part Michael Jordan documentary series The Last Dance. Originally intended to arrive in June, the series will now begin in April, and a new trailer has just arrived. Check it out below and find out when you can start watching The Last Dance on ESPN.

Final Michael Jordan Documentary Series Trailer

ESPN will begin airing The Last Dance on April 19 and will debut a new episode every Sunday night through May 17 (the release was originally scheduled for June 23 in the United States0. The documentary will be available on Netflix for international viewers, though it’s not clear when it will be released worldwide yet.

In an official statement announcing the major schedule change, ESPN said:

“As society navigates this time without live sports, viewers are still looking to the sports world to escape and enjoy a collective experience. We’ve heard the calls from fans asking us to move up the release date for this series, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve been able to accelerate the production schedule to do just that. This project celebrates one of the greatest players and dynasties ever, and we hope it can serve as a unifying entertainment experience to fill the role that sports often play in our lives, telling a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans.”

The Last Dance focuses on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they make run for their sixth NBA championship in 1998. It would be the end of an era all over again after Jordan had previously retired from basketball in 1993 following a streak of three championships, only to return in 1995 and lead the Bulls to another trio of victories, earning themselves another three-peat. However, that final season was a grueling one for Jordan and his teammates.

But the series doesn’t just focus on that final season. Directed by Jason Hehir (The Fab Five, The ’85 Bears, Andre the Giant), the documentary has an amazing collection of archival footage from the glory years of the Chicago Bulls roster throughout the 1990s. As it covers the team’s final championship season, we’ll also weave through Jordan’s life before joining the NBA, the team’s growth after his draft, and the team’s first championship, as well as all those that followed. Hehir said in ESPN’s press release:

“Michael Jordan and the ‘90s Bulls weren’t just sports superstars, they were a global phenomenon. Making ‘The Last Dance’ was an incredible opportunity to explore the extraordinary impact of one man and one team. For nearly three years, we searched far and wide to present the definitive story of an era-defining dynasty and to present these sports heroes as humans. I hope viewers enjoy watching our series as much as we enjoyed the opportunity to make it.”

The Last Dance will include a bunch of never-before-seen footage from that final championship season, giving us profiles of Jordan’s legendary teammates like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr, not to mention Bulls head coach Phil Jackson. There are even a couple clips in the documentary featuring Jerry Seinfeld meeting Michael Jordan, because everyone wanted to hang with the NBA’s greatest basketball player.

Immediately following each episode’s premiere on ESPN, it will be available to authenticated subscribers on the ESPN App via mobile and connected TV devices, ESPN.com and ESPN on Demand via cable, satellite, etc.

In case you missed it, here’s the original trailer for The Last Dance:

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