If there’s one miracle that can save us all from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s Zack Snyder‘s eagerly-awaited cut of Justice League. Thankfully, Honest Trailers is here to back the rallying cry of fanboys everywhere by deeming #TheSnyderCut of Justice League not just the most incredible alternate version of the movie, not just a miraculously good version of Justice League, but the greatest comic book movie every made. That’s right, pack it up Marvel, because the Justice League: The Snyder Cut Honest Trailer is dropping truth bombs like Mother Boxes up in here.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut Honest Trailer

That’s right, New York’s hottest club is The Snyder Cut of Justice League. This place has everything. Superman with a black suit. An origin story for Darkseid. A high school football career for Cyborg, a romance for The Flash, much more somber dialogue, Spud Webb, and more.

Seriously though, the more stuff that Zack Snyder releases online about his cut of Justice League, the more I can’t see how this movie could have turned out good. Sure, it might have been more in line with what Zack Snyder did leading up to this, but more than likely it still would have been an absolute mess. But at least it’s single-handedly keeping Vero alive.

At this point, Warner Bros. Pictures might have to spend the money to finish The Snyder Cut of Justice League or else they’re not going to have anything worth a damn to entice viewers to subscribe to HBO Max this year.

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