Before he became a big Hollywood director, David F. Sandberg was making creepy, and effective, short films with almost no budget, almost all of which were filmed inside his residence. And now, since all of us are stuck indoors, Sandberg has done it again. Shadowed, his latest short, follows in the tradition of his other horror shorts in that it stars his wife Lotta Losten as a woman tormented by something malevolent and supernatural. Watch it below.


I dig David F. Sandberg’s short films. The director of Lights Out and Shazam has several online, and they’re all pretty enjoyable – and effective. Sure, they all follow a similar format: Lotta Losten plays an unnamed woman who thinks she’s alone in her house, but it turns out she’s wrong – dead wrong. And Shadowed is no exception. In fact, Sandberg even calls it “Sort of a companion piece to our short Lights Out.”

In case you need a refresher, here’s Lights Out, the short that inspired the feature.

As much as I enjoy Sandberg’s short horror movies, what I like even more are the videos he posts showing how the films were put together, like this.

These behind-the-scenes vids are very informative, and do a great job showcasing how you can make a great-looking short film for next to no budget. Of course, it helps if you have some talent as well. Sandberg also has provided behind-the-scenes videos from his big Hollywood movies as well, like this one for Shazam.

Next up for Sandberg is the Shazam sequel, but of course, since everything is on hold at the moment, who the hell knows when that’ll start shooting. In the meantime, maybe Sandberg will use his quarantine time to churn out a few more short horror films, finding new and inventive ways to cause his wife’s (fictional) demise. At the very least, I hope he uploads a making-of video for Shadowed.

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