In 1981, Natalie Wood died at the age of 43. While her drowning death was initially ruled accidental, mystery still surrounds the event, and there are plenty of theories that foul play was involved. As a result, Wood’s death has overshadowed her life, but perhaps the new documentary Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind will change that. The doc sets out to cover Wood’s life and career, not her untimely demise, and it’s premiering on HBO next month. Watch the trailer below.

Natalie Wood What Remains Behind Trailer

Directed by Laurent Bouzereau (Five Came Back), Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind features interviews with Wood’s friends, family, and co-stars, along with never-before-seen home movies, excerpts from diaries, and more insight into Wood’s life to provide an intimate portrait of the actress. It spans her childhood as well as her career, from West Side Story to Rebel Without a Cause, and beyond. Here’s the synopsis:

Natalie Wood’s remarkable life and career are often overshadowed by the circumstances surrounding her tragic death at age 43. Guided by her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, as well as her extensive circle of family and close friends, the film intimately explores Wood’s personal life and illustrious career that spanned nearly five decades. The film chronicles her triumphs and challenges, featuring previously unseen home movies, photographs, diaries and letters, as well as interviews with those that knew her best. And within her career, the film highlights how she found freedom within the studio system to choose her own roles and advocate for equal pay and mental health. It’s a necessary ode to her life and legacy that had been cast in the shadow of her unfortunate death.

The doc features interviews with Featuring Natasha Gregson Wagner, Robert Wagner, Courtney Brooke Wagner, Katie Wagner, Richard Gregson, Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Mart Crowley, Elliott Gould,and more, and debuts on HBO May 5, 2020.

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