How long did Don Cheadle have to decide if he would accept the role of War Machine? Want to learn how to draw Spider-Man from a Marvel artist? Who is Samuel L. Jackson‘s favorite Avenger? What happened to George Miller‘s Justice League: Mortal? Will Korg find love in Thor: Love & Thunder? Could the X-Men make their MCU debut in a Spider-Man 3 credits scene? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a Spider-Man drawing lesson from Marvel’s Creative Director of Themed Entertainment, Brian Crosby!

Samuel L. Jackson says his favorite member of The Avengers, besides Nick Fury, is actually Black Widow.

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I know there’s no new Flash for a while, so I thought I’d share this. This was from a fitting for the season 5 suit during our hiatus between seasons 4 and 5. I have like 30 pictures from this day because I was so excited. I flew to Vancouver for about 4-5 hrs for this fitting and then home to LA the same day. This was before they had the actual fabric for the suit, hence the black. After I saw it like this I kinda wanted a black Flash suit though…

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See what The Flash looks like in a black suit in this photo Grant Gustin shared from a costume fitting session.

Stuntman Jesse LaFlair revealed how Sophie Turner‘s stunt double for Dark Phoenix broke her leg on set.

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Elizabeth Olsen sits down to read a Toy Story Easter tale to help pass time.

Dwayne Johnson says production on Black Adam may get pushed to later in August, possibly September.

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Here is another captain Marvel early exploration of her kree costume a bit alien with a red pallette and different hair style…..did this design at Marvel studios in the Visual Development team lead by Andy Park…..was on this kool project for a short time to help explore different options …..was allot of fun and really enjoyed the film…..I was lucky enough to work with my friends and amazing talented artists and designers #ianjoyner #jsmarantz #tullysummers #justinsweet #rodneyfuentebella #jacksonsze #anthonyfrancisco #wesleyburt #adamross #joshherman check out the art of book to c how awesome all these artists are. #marvelstudios #captainmarvel #charactersesign #costumedesign #conceptart #zbrush #keyshot

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Concept artist Constantine Sekeris shared this wildly different look for Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

Chris Pratt confirmed that Star-Lord dropping the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy was actually improvised.

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