Add Nastaliq font to iPhone

On iPhone, due to high security, it is not possible to add or manipulate fonts, using Nastaliq fonts on iPhones is always one of the challenges that iPhone users face. As you know, using Nasta’liq font on iPhone is as applicable as Android phones.

In this post, we are going to fully and step by step teach you how to use Nasta’liq font on iPhone. Stay tuned to Hexstore mag.

This tutorial contains 9 steps. Join us:

Step 1: Enter the Safari browser and search ﮼ for the phrase.
Step 2: Now a shape similar to “appears in the browser.
Step 3: Copy the phrase that appears.

Step 4: Then enter the General section in the settings.
Step 5: Then we enter the Keyboard settings.
Step 6: Select the Text Replaceent option.

Step 7: Select the + option as shown.
Step 8: Now in the Phuase section, we append the text that we died from the copy browser and in the Shortcut section, we write the phrase Nastaliq.
Step 9: Now open your keyboard in the desired environment (Massage, Note, Instagram, etc.) Now write the phrase Nasta’liq and press Space once (space bar), then delete the space and leave a half space so that you can Type Nasta’liq font.

You can easily enjoy the beautiful Nastaliq font on your iPhone.

Note: Note that you must use half space instead of space, otherwise the rest of the text will not be written in Nasta’liq font.

If you have any questions or criticisms, let us know in the comments section.

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