The Frog series is the first home series of Hooman Sidi, the new series of the home show network that is to be downloaded and published from Hex internet media. Which is supposed to be a masterpiece in the field of cinema and home theater network. Peyman Shadmanfar, the director of filming of this series, started filming the series in early 1998, and despite the spread of the Corona virus, he stopped the production process. After a while, he resumed filming in accordance with health protocols. Complete.

The first poster of the Frog series

Having gone through the editing process, we are now waiting for the distribution of the series, which is likely to see an interesting and challenging series in the fall of ’99.

Hooman Sidi along with Navid Mohammadzadeh, a popular actor in Iranian cinema, and Saber Abar, Sahar Dolatshahi, Navid Pourfaraj, Fereshteh Hosseini and Mehran Ghafourian have played roles in making this series. The synopsis of the Frog series states that the world is a small place for me. Sometimes I think I’m choking. I feel closed everywhere and I can not breathe. The Frog Home series can be a tough diligent for other home series by considering a different storyline.

Other factors that make up the series can be the director of photography: Peyman Shadmanfar, music: Bamdad Afshar, design and sound composition: Alireza Alaviyan, director of sound: Mehran Malakouti, stage designer: Mohsen Nasrollahi, costume designer: Elham Moin, make-up designer: Shahram Tavana and Behnam Meyarian, Director and Planning Director: Hossein Khodouimajri Design and Production Manager: Hossein Akbari, Visual Effects Designer: Javad Motavari, Field Special Effects Designer: Iman Karmian, Cinematographers: Adib Sobhani and Arash Ramezani Substitute Production: Hassan Safari, Emad Taheri, Stunt Designer: Amir Badri, Photographer: Amir Hossein Shojaei, Stage Secretary: Neda Ghaedi, Public Relations and Advertising: Amir Korabi.

The Frog series is Hooman Sidi’s latest work as a director and actor, and the first part of this series will be available in November 1999. In addition to being a capable actor and playing his roles as beautifully as possible, Sidi also has a hand in directing and has acted beyond expectations. He has won various awards as an actor and director, and now, after playing in the romantic and Golshifteh series, he has started making his first series, the 16-part series The Frog.

By reviewing the Instagram pages of the creators of the series, it can be understood that the production and the final stages of compiling this series have been completed and this series was supposed to be released in the summer of ’99. According to the conversations that the Hex Download team had with the distributors of the series, and according to Awal, the distribution of this series is scheduled to be released in the fall of 1999, and probably from the beginning of November.

To download the Frog series, refer to the Hexdownload site.

In the first preview of the series Frog, Fereshteh Hosseini, in a normal dress, unlike the red dress that we saw from him in the previous scenes, addresses Saber and says, “I will not kill people with poison. That poison hurts. This dialogue sheds some light on the horror nature of the film.

In the continuation of this trailer, we see Saber Abr, who, while falling and falling with his head on the ground, says at the same time, “I always have a low chair and I have a small shoe strap and I have a small clock and I move ahead of it.” I was doing. The world is a small place for me, I feel closed everywhere and I can not breathe as if I saw all the moments before, the trees, the sound of the waterfall, the frogs. I see them when I’m dying. This dialogue also determines the name and the reason for naming the series.

And it seems that the killer (Fereshteh Hosseini or maybe Navid Mohammadi) killed him. Saber Abr immediately dies in the eyes of a frog by saying the last sentence. That is, he looks at a frog, and the frog is looking at him. This scene coincides with heavy rain.

Upon receiving the show license, “The Frog” will come from November.

The first official poster of the “Frog” series was unveiled after the full filming of the series. The Frog series, directed by Hooman Sidi and produced by Ali Asadzadeh, will be ready for release in November after receiving the show’s license.