It’s always nice when an up-and-coming comedian with promising talent gets an opportunity to really break into the industry. And that’s exactly what’s happening with young buck John Mulaney. The stand-up comedian is going straight from his first communion to the writing staff of Late Night with Seth Meyers, giving him a lot less time to see if Addams Family Values is available at Blockbuster Video.

Late Night with Seth Meyers showrunner Mike Shoemaker announced the news on Twitter:

John Mulaney likes to work so this week he officially joined Late Night with @SethMeyers as a staff writer. I hope he stays for 100 years but I will settle for "as long as John wants".
Here's the 1st sketch from rookie @latenightseth writer John @Mulaney:

— Mike Shoemaker (@shoemakermike) November 13, 2020

Mulaney officially joined the staff this week. It might seem like a step down for such a high profile comedian, but there aren’t exactly a lot of stand-up shows happening, so Mulaney is clearly looking to stay sharp by joining a writers room with his friends. He’s joining comedians such as Amber Ruffin, John Lutz, Sal Gentile, Karen Chee and Jenny Hagel, as well as head writer Alex Baze. Shoemaker serves as producer and writer, and he previously worked Saturday Night Live, as well as The Tonight Show with former SNL cast member Jimmy Fallon. These guys are a tight-knit group.

Not only did Mulaney join the staff, but he also appeared on the series with a bit where he theorized the place that ghosts had in the 2020 Presidential Election, specifically the late Senator John Lewis and Senator John McCain. That’s the bit that Shoemaker is referencing above, where Mulaney is wearing the trench coat that was gifted to him by The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas after the recent episode of Saturday Night Live they appeared on together.

As a writer, Mulaney already has a long history with Seth Meyers. Both were at Saturday Night Live together, and Meyers is famously tied to the SNL character Stefon, which Mulaney co-created with Bill Hader. In fact, when Hader left SNL, Meyers and Stefon famously got married. So Mulaney and Meyers have a tight friendship and a great collaborative dynamic.

Speaking of marriage, there’s a hilarious extended interview between Mulaney and Meyers that didn’t make it to air on NBC, but did end up online as a digital exclusive. During Mulaney’s appearance on the show following Saturday Night Live, the comedian asked Meyers a lot of “hard-hitting questions,” including some about the wedding of Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson. Mike Shoemaker knew immediately this wouldn’t make it to TV, but thankfully, we still get to enjoy it all:

Personally, I’m hoping any appearance that John Mulaney makes on Late Night with Seth Meyers from here on out features him in this jacket and sunglasses. He looks like Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything, but somehow even younger.

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