Director Taika Waititi has brought us twisted mockumentary laughs in What We Do in the Shadows, delightful coming-of-age adventure in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, hilarious comic book spectacle with Thor: Ragnarok, and sharp satire in Jojo Rabbit. This year, before getting back behind the camera for Thor: Love & Thunder, Waititi decided that he wanted to make tears come out of our face with an epic new Coca-Cola commercial for Christmas.

Taika Waititi’s Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial

In the commercial, a father working on a wind mill farm in the middle of the ocean misses the last chance for his daughter’s letter to Santa Claus to get picked up by the postal service before Christmas. But he’s not going to let that ruin his daughter’s Christmas. He swims, climbs, hitchhikes, and crosses glaciers, lakes, mountains, fields, deserts, and more, all so he can get this letter to the North Pole. We’ll let you watch above instead of spoiling the ending, but you should get those tissues ready.

Honestly, we’re not sure why this guy couldn’t have just dropped the letter off in a mail box in one of the many places he passed through on the way to the North Pole, but maybe time was limited. Plus, that would have totally ruined the ending anyway. For their part, Kris Robbens, marketing director at Coca-Cola Great Britain said:

“This year, the Christmas season is set to be more meaningful than ever before. As a company, Coca-Cola has been celebrating the festive season through our advertising since the 1920s, featuring uplifting messages of unity and joy. Our new advert reflects the real magic of Christmas—our greater appreciation for loved ones, a sense of community and our need to be present with each other this Christmas, above all else.”

We hope you can enjoy Christmas safely this year, whether it’s actually with loved ones or through a screen.

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