Servant, the very slow-burning Apple TV+ series from M. Night Shyamalan, is back for more nanny-based horror. In the first season, a couple hires a mysterious young nanny to watch over their baby. But there’s a twist: their real baby is dead, and the nanny has actually been hired to watch over a doll. And if that wasn’t weird and creepy enough, it turns out that the nanny has some unsettling secrets of her own. Now, the scary mysteries continue into season 2. Check out a trailer below.

Servant Season 2 Trailer

I really wanted to love Servant season 1. I’m a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s work (well, most of his work), and the show had plenty of creepy atmosphere. But it was also too obtuse for my liking. I’m all for playing things close to the vest to keep up a mystery, but Servant season 1 was too mysterious. Will season 2 fare better? It might be, based on this trailer, which is very effective.

Here’s a mini-recap of season 1: After the death of her 13-week-old son, Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose) has a complete mental breakdown. Desperate for a solution, Dorothy’s husband Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Dorothy’s brother Julian (Rupert Grint) bring in a reborn doll – a life-like baby doll that’s often used to help parents cope with the death of their babies. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s fractured mental state causes her to believe the doll is really her dead baby, Jericho. In fact, she seems to have no memory of Jericho dying at all.

All of this leads the couple to hire a nanny, Leanne (Nell Tiger Free). Surprisingly, Leanne plays along with the rouse – and then things get really weird because suddenly, there’s a real baby in the house taking the place of the doll. Where did the baby come from? Is it Jericho reborn? Did Leanne kidnap someone else’s baby and bring it into the Turner’s lives? And just what the hell is Leanne’s deal, anyway? The season ended with Leanne disappearing and the baby doll returning.

Now here comes season 2, which has a predictably vague synopsis: “Following its suspenseful season one finale, the second season takes a supernatural turn with a darker future for all lying ahead as Leanne returns to the brownstone and her true nature is revealed.” Yep, that’s it. While I enjoyed the filmmaking on display in season 1 – it was appropriately ominous and foreboding – the non-stop mystery made watching the season feel like a bit of a chore. In fact, I was ready to just write the show off and not watch season 2. But, gosh darn it, this trailer is cut together so well that I think I’m going to have to give Servant season 2 a shot. Curse you, M. Night Shyamalan!

Servant season 2 arrives on Apple TV+ January 15.

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