Christopher Nolan is one of the most acclaimed blockbuster filmmakers in the game, and he has a vibe that sometimes feels a little stuffy, even if he’s not necessarily cold in real life. For example, many were shocked to learn that Nolan is a huge fan of the goofy comedy MacGruber, so much that he even sent an e-mail wishing luck to everyone when production on Peacock’s sequel series pilot began. Now we’re learning that Nolan likes his junk food action cinema too, because he’s admitted to liking the Fast ad Furious movies, especially the original from 2001.

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Nolan was asked about a rumor that he’s a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise starring Vin Diesel and his ensemble of “family” members that has helped him through the thick, the thin, and the absolutely insane. Nolan actually likes how the movies have been getting bigger and crazier, even though he likes a couple of the early entries in the franchise more. Here’s what Nolan had to say (via

“I’m sort of an original recipe [guy], I mean the Rob Cohen original… But I’ve got a very soft spot for Tokyo Drift, actually. And then the skill as Justin Lin’s iterations, as they got crazier and bigger and crazier and bigger, they became something else, but something else kind of fun. The fun thing about those movies is even as they’ve gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, as sequels have to do, everyone always complains that sequels get bigger but we’re the people making sequels get bigger, we do want them bigger, you don’t want them smaller, it’s the Alien 3 lesson that [director David] Fincher learned. You can do it but it’s not going to make anybody happy, even though personally I love that film, a lot more than he does in fact.”

Though Tokyo Drift was panned upon release, it has since become a favorite of longtime fans, even without the presence of Vin Diesel or Paul Walker in the lead roles.

But all good things must come to an end, and we only have three more movies in the Fast and Furious franchise to look forward to. Originally intended for release earlier this year, F9 will be drifting into theaters on May 28, 2021. Then the franchise will be coming to a close with a two-film finale directed by Justin Lin. That means when the Fast and Furious franchise concludes, the movies will have literally turned it up to 11. And if they don’t work that into the marketing, someone should be fired.

Here’s hoping we can keep finding out movies that Christopher Nolan loves. Maybe we should start taking bets. Could Nolan secretly be a fan of the Big Momma’s House movies?

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