Dungeons & Dragons just got a whole lot stranger. Four cast members of Netflix’s hit sci-fi show Stranger Things sat down for a game of the tabletop RPG for a special actual play session, lead by Wizards of the Coast principal story designer Chris Perkins. Stranger Things stars David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Natalia Dyer participated in the session as a holiday gift to long-suffering fans, who have been waiting nearly two years for the next season of the Netflix show. They’ll have to wait a bit longer, but hey, how about some D&D?

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Game

David Harbour (Jim Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), and Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) were joined by Wizard of the Coast’s Principal Story Designer Chris Perkins to get festive with Dungeons & Dragons for a special holiday play session.

The actual play event, titled Lost Odyssey: Toy Time for Ten-Towns, takes the heroes on an adventure to the frozen north of Icewind Dale, the setting of the recently released Rime of the Frostmaiden (which even comes in a deluxe edition), to save Christmas. The two-hour session probably won’t get into that deluxe pack, but there will be plenty of role-playing hijinks and a few monsters they meet along the way (though probably none that they recognize from the characters’ D&D sessions in the show).

This is the first time the cast of Stranger Things have done a big actual play session of Dungeons & Dragons like this, which is kind of a surprise considering the show owes a lot to the RPG franchise. The game is what introduces us to the main characters, and also helped shape the arc of the first season, with the characters naming some of the monsters they encounter after the creatures from the game. Netflix has been wise to the game’s impact, with an officially licensed D&D starter set themed to match the adventure from the first season, complete with a miniature Demogorgon.

But it’s better late than never, and better some Stranger Things content than none, as we still wait with bated breath for any news about Stranger Things 4. Few details are known about Stranger Things 4, although creators the Duffer brothers have teased that “a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything.” The fourth season of Stranger Things doesn’t have a set release date yet, though it was previously said to possibly arrive early in 2021.

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