Kristen Wiig closed out last season of Saturday Night Live with the final episode of season 45 that was remotely produced with the cast contributing sketches from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. But she came back to close out 2020 the right way with the final episode of the year. Not only was it full of festive funniness, but it had some great original sketches on top of the return of a couple of Wiig’s favorite characters. Even musical guest Dua Lipa got in on one of the best sketches of the night.

So let’s break down the best and worst sketches of the Kristen Wiig hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Christmas Morning – Everyone knows that sometimes Mom gets the shaft around the holidays because she’s the one doing almost everything for everyone else, and no one seems to know what to get her. This makes for a hilarious Christmas rap music video where Kristen Wiig feigns happiness over her gift of a robe, an empty stocking and the opportunity to make breakfast for everyone. Let me tell you that I lost it when Mom sings about burning herself on the oven.

A Teacher – Ego Nwodim doesn’t have time for an inappropriate relationship with a student in this parody of the Hulu series A Teacher. For some reason, this storyline is used to create steamy drama, but it completely ignores the fact that most teachers wouldn’t ever risk what little pay and benefits they have just so they can sleep with an inexperienced, barely adult student. Ego Nwodim’s increasingly incredulous reaction to the situation is absolutely perfect for this, and she never makes it too absurd, which makes it all the more funny.

U.S.O. Performance – Riffing on the beginning of White Christmas, Kristen Wiig and Bowen Yang deliver a stunner of a U.S.O. performance. But rather than singing old timey holiday hits, they’ve got a “shuffle in C, four on the floor, just stay on the rhythm and you can’t go wrong” kind of song. Not only is it funny, but it’s kind of a banger, and Yang and Wiig put on a great show (in gender-swapped roles) that only gets better when musical guest Dua Lipa shows up for a cameo.

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