Even though it was geared towards kids in the mid-90s, Batman: The Animated Series is still considered to be one of the definitive adaptations of The Dark Knight. Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the series made full use of Batman’s extensive rogues galley and wasn’t afraid to get a little dark and gritty on Saturday mornings. But how did this incredible animated series come together? You can find out in the documentary The Heart of Batman: The Story of Batman: The Animated Series, available for free on YouTube right now.

Batman: The Animated Series Documentary

Here’s the official synopsis for The Heart of Batman: The Story of Batman: The Animated Series:

When animators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm were tasked with creating an animated Batman cartoon, no one knew whether the team would be able to reinvent the character away from his campy television roots. But what came out of their collaboration was “Batman: The Animated Series”, an award-winning new chapter in the story of the Caped Crusader. Explore the complex, nuanced world and exceptional characters created behind the scenes by the designers, composers, and directors of this groundbreaking series.

The three-part documentary (combined into one single presentation above) was first available on the Blu-ray release of Batman: The Animated Series. But DC has made it available for fans to soak in online while we wait for blockbuster movies to make a comeback to movie theaters when the coronavirus pandemic is finally and fully in our rearview mirror.

If you’ve got an itch for more DC Comics documentaries, check out a batch of them released last year, including the history of Superman, the evolution of the Batmobile, and the origins of Shazam. There’s also an extensive glimpse behind the scenes of the Academy Award-nominated Joker movie from 2019.

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