The Kaiju-busting world of Pacific Rim lives on in Pacific Rim: The Black, a new anime series from Netflix. Since Guillermo del Toro‘s original film drew heavily on anime influences, it’s only appropriate that things have now come full circle. The first movie involved humans piloting giant robots called Jaegers to battle massive monsters known as Kaijus. The series follows the events of the films and focuses on teen siblings who train themselves to use an abandoned Jaeger during their quest to find their missing parents. Watch the Pacific Rim: The Black trailer below.

Pacific Rim The Black Trailer

I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Guillermo del Toro, but Pacific Rim was not for me. The movie was not exactly a box office smash, but its stylish imagery mixed with its homages to anime and kaiju movies earned it a vocal fanbase. In that movie, “legions of monstrous creatures called Kaiju arose from the sea, bringing with them all-consuming war. To fight the Kaiju, mankind developed giant robots called Jaegers, designed to be piloted by two humans locked together in a neural bridge. However, even the Jaegers are not enough to defeat the Kaiju, and humanity is on the verge of defeat.”

Then came the sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising. In that film, “an even more unstoppable threat is unleashed to tear through cities and bring the world to its knees.” While people seemed to really love the first Pacific Rim, the reaction to its sequel – which was not directed by del Toro, but instead helmed by Steven S. DeKnight – was considerably more mixed.

No matter – the saga continues with Pacific Rim: The Black, an anime series from Polygon Pictures, known for the Netflix Original Anime Series Levius, the Ajin: Demi-Human series, and the Godzilla Netflix Original Anime Movie Trilogy. The series picks up with the movies left off and expands the world even further.

Here’s the synopsis:

There was a time when Kaiju rose from the Pacific Rim only to encounter gigantic robots, Jaegers, built to fight them back. That time has passed. Now, Australia has been overrun by Kaiju, forcing the evacuation of an entire continent. Left behind, teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley embark on a desperate search for their missing parents, teaching themselves to pilot a battered, long-abandoned Jaeger to help in their quest and give them even the slightest hope of surviving.

The series was created by Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution). Look for Pacific Rim: The Black on Netflix starting March 4.

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