Let me be honest here. When I first heard that Regé-Jean Page was hosting Saturday Night Live, this was the first time that I had no idea who the hell that was. I was totally aware of Bridgerton, but didn’t realize he was on it until I looked it up. But now that I’ve seen this guy hosting SNL, I’m convinced that he’s going to be a big star. Page took the reins of a lively and extremely musical Saturday Night Live where even the average sketches could have easily been among the best.

So sit back and take a look at the best (and worst) sketches from the Regé-Jean Page hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

The Job Interview – Delightfully absurd, this sketch absolutely cracked me up. It was one of many totally original sketches that wasn’t really trying to capitalize on anything topical or relevant happening in the news, and I think that’s when SNL really gets a chance to shine. Having an actor like Regé-Jean Page do this with Beck Bennett in a more serious fashio makes the premise all the more funny. This could have easily been a live sketch that hammed it up a bit more, but there’s something about the prerecorded element that makes it land a little more firmly. Plus, the interludes from Bowen Yang as the assistant are a nice tough.

Drivers License – Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Drivers License” has been having a moment for a little while now, and at first it felt like the concept of this sketch centered around it would be a little more simple. Some tough guys suddenly get moved by a song that they pretend not to know. But what makes this sketch go above and beyond that amusing scene is the heated debate that breaks out about where the influence comes from. These guys are passionate about this song. Oh, and Kate McKinnon as an older mustachioed man who finds himself touched by the song was not only really funny but also a touching moment.

Loco – It’s always impressive when Saturday Night Live is able to put together a stylish music video that is not only funny but also has genuinely good songwriting. Even better is this gives Ego Nwodim the spotlight, allows Pete Davidson a chance to stand out with something he does well, and makes use of musical guest Bad Bunny. This is a song and music video that rings true in this time of insanity during the coronavirus pandemic, and I’m glad this idea ended up getting the fully produced sketch treatment instead of an SNL at Home adaptation last spring.

Bridgerton Intimacy Coordinator – I was wondering if Bridgerton would get a proper sketch aside from Regé-Jean Page’s monologue. Since I haven’t seen Bridgerton, I had a little trepidation that the sketch wouldn’t resonate, but this is one that can work for everybody. Mikey Day and Pete Davidson play two skeezy intimacy coordinators stepping in for someone the cast of the show truly trusted. From the look of their characters to those creepy voices, Day and Davidson made these two guys just the right amount of unsettling. Honestly, I could’ve watched this sketch go even longer to see more of their ideas for this sex scene.

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