Solar Opposites is coming back for a second season, and just as we saw in the teaser trailer not too long ago, the whole alien crew is still stuck on Earth. But this time they’ll be spreading their mayhem beyond the borders of their little suburb.

The new Solar Opposites season 2 trailer shows all of the trouble that Korvo (Justin Roiland), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), and Jesse (Mary Mack) will be causing, including a trip to London and prison. Oh, and it’s got some salt language that’s NSFW. You’ve been warned!

Solar Opposites Season 2 Trailer

We expected plenty of mass destruction in this second season, especially considering how much there was the first time around. But there are also many more creatures to tear Earthlings apart, new gadgets, and the next evolution of the Pupa. Plus, there’s just a tiny snippet of what’s going on with the post-apocalyptic society inside The Wall.

Other points of interest include a visit to some kind of world where everything is made out of trees. We’re not sure if that’s a consequence of something that the aliens have done or if they’re visiting another world. Plus, it looks like Yumyulack is going to be throwing around some big dick energy, and it appears to have gotten him on Saturday Night Live.

The first season of Solar Opposites was one of my favorite things from 2020. It made me forget about the insanity of the coronavirus pandemic for a little bit and brought even more of the deranged hilarity that makes Roiland’s other animated series, Rick and Morty, so great. I can’t wait to see how crazy things get with this new season.

Co-created by Justin Roiland (Rick & Morty) and Mike McMahan (ex-writer’s assistant on Rick & Morty), Solar Opposites centers around a team of four aliens who escape their exploding home world only to crash land into a move-in ready home in suburban America. They are evenly split on whether Earth is awful or awesome. Korvo (Justin Roiland) and Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) only see the pollution, crass consumerism, and human frailty while Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Jesse (Mary Mack) love humans and all their TV, junk food and fun stuff. Their mission: protect the Pupa, a living super computer that will one day evolve into its true form, consume them and terraform the Earth.

Solar Opposites returns to Hulu on March 26, 2021.

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