On the April 30, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by writer Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest film and TV news, including Green Lantern casting, The Doubtful Guest, Twilight of the Dead, and F9. Then we’ll present an interview with the animation supervisor on the new Pixar film Luca.

In The News:

  • Chris: ‘Green Lantern’ HBO Max Series Casts Finn Wittrock as Hot-Headed Guy Gardner, New Plot Details Revealed
  • Ben (OG HT): Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon Teaming Up with ‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti for ‘The Doubtful Guest’ Movie
  • Chris: George A. Romero’s Unmade Final Zombie Movie ‘Twilight of the Dead’ in the Works
  • Ben: Vin Diesel Says ‘F9’ Explores Dom Toretto’s Origins, Will Revisit a Scene From the First Film (Plus: Which Big Actor is Joining the Franchise Next?)

In Our Feature Presentation:

  • HT: How Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Took Inspiration From Studio Ghibli and Aardman to Create a “Handcrafted Feel” [Interview]

All the other stuff you need to know:

  • Pixar Staff Frustrated By Decisions to Send ‘Soul’ and ‘Luca’ Directly to Disney+
  • You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today’s show at slashfilm.com, and linked inside the show notes.
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