Horror movies have a long, time-honored tradition of killer dolls. Chucky is arguably the most famous, but the list goes on and on, from Talking Tina on The Twilight Zone, to the Zuni Doll in Trilogy of Terror, to the ventriloquist dummies of Dead Silence, and beyond. Now we can add Benny to the list. In Benny Loves You, a childhood stuffed animal comes to life and starts looking to kill, with pretty amusing-looking results. In the film, “Jack (Karl Holt), a man desperate to improve his life throws away his beloved childhood plush, Benny.” That turns out to be a big mistake. Watch the Benny Loves You trailer below.

Benny Loves You Trailer

Horror comedy is a very tricky subgenre to pull off. Most of the time, horror comedies fail because they lean too heavily into the “comedy” side and forget to embrace the horror. The most successful horror comedies – An American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead, etc. – strike just the right balance, embracing both scares and laughs. Will Benny Loves You end up succeeding where so many other horror comedies before them? I don’t know, but I have to admit I love this trailer. The imagery of Benny the doll running around out for blood is just too funny to ignore.

In Benny Loves You, “After the accidental death of his parents, Jack’s comfortable lifestyle comes to an end and he must sell his family home. Desperate to improve his life, Jack throws out his childhood belongings including his beloved plush, Benny. It’s a move that has disastrous consequences when Benny springs to life with deadly intentions!”

I don’t know if this is all going to add up to a good movie, but I do think the very sight of Benny the goofy-looking killer doll will be enough to entertain more than a few people (like me). At the very least, this is a well-cut trailer that does a great job selling what kind of movie this is. Good work, Benny Loves You. You’ve sold me on watching this. Written and directed by Karl Holt, Benny Loves You stars Karl Holt, Claire Cartwright, and George Collie. The horror-comedy is coming to select theaters on May 7. After that, it’ll head to On Demand on May 11. And then, finally, it arrives on Blu-ray starting June 8. In addition to the trailer above you can check out a poster below.

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