Charlie Cox (of "Daredevil" fame) is suiting up for his grand return for Netflix, but sadly, there are no devil ears involved this time around. He won't be prowling the streets of Hell's Kitchen or defending New Yorkers with his background in law. But don't start moping quite yet — just because Netflix is no longer the home of his breakout role, doesn't mean they've forgotten Cox's virtues as an action star.

The actor is set to don a suit and tie as an agent for MI6 in the espionage thriller "Treason," a five-episode limited series from Matt Charman, the co-writer of "Bridge of Spies." In case you weren't sure about what to binge this holiday season, Charlie Cox has you covered. Just curl up on the couch, get cozy before the fireplace and watch Cox balance his conflicting loyalties, struggle to keep secrets from those closest to him, and desperately try to protect his loved ones from danger. Does all that sound a little familiar? Well, don't be fooled! It's completely different — he has a British accent this time. See for yourself, in the newly released trailer for "Treason."

Watch The Treason Trailer

"Question everything and suspect everyone" is the advice offered by the "Treason" trailer. From the sound of that tagline, Adam Lawrence's (Cox) time at the agency will be far from stress-free. It probably doesn't help that he's been thrust into an unexpected leadership position, replacing the previous head of MI6 (played by Ciaran Hinds!) who was nearly assassinated. While he recuperates in the hospital, Adam must suss out who is responsible and what other secrets are being kept from him.

But wait — there's more! And once again, it's very bad news for Adam. The already complicated situation is made worse by the arrival of a Russian spy who Adam happens to have a history with. What does this mean for the agency's ability to trust him? Probably nothing good. And since there's no separating his home life from his new position, Adam also has to worry about keeping his wife and daughter safe from danger — a task that the trailer hints won't be simple. Need more details? Per Netflix, here's the official synopsis:

Trained and groomed by MI6, Adam Lawrence's career seems set. But when the past catches up with him in the form of Kara, a Russian spy with whom he shares a complicated past, he is forced to question everything and everyone in his life. A triangular relationship forms between Kara, Adam, and his wife, Maddy; three people who are trying to expose each other's secrets, navigate political and diplomatic relationships, whilst hanging onto their personal lives, and those they love most.

The series is directed by Louise Hooper ("The Witcher," "The Sandman") and also stars Olga Kurylenko ("Black Widow"), Oona Chaplin ("Game of Thrones"), Tracy Ifeachor ("Treadstone," "Wonka"), Avital Lvova ("Trackers"), Alexandra Guelff ("EastEnders"), Brian Law ("Spider-Man: Far From Home"), and Adam James ("Deep State").

"Treason" is due to hit the streamer with all five episodes on December 26, 2022.

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