Tablets have gotten more powerful over the years, but even top-tier 2-in-1s like Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s iPad Pro are still a step away from replacing laptops for many business users. They do provide a very attractive alternative to lugging around a notebook on business trips, but these flagship tablets start at anywhere from $650 to $900 and can easily climb to $1,500 or more after you configure them and add in the cost of a keyboard case and stylus. That kind of expense is hard to justify for a device that’s secondary to the laptop a business worker needs for everyday use.

The Surface Pen adds $100. It’s smaller than Apple’s Pencil and magnetically sticks to the side of the tablet, making it harder to drop or lose. There are two buttons on the Pen: one on the side to right-click and one on top to open a favorite app. It takes about a minute to program any app to open when you press the button.

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