This pilot fish actually looks at some of his spam, and for once his willingness to shovel through endless pitches for mail-order brides and offshore business deals is rewarded.

"It was in a message hawking a high-blood-pressure cure," fish says. "Sandwiched between the usual if-you-have-trouble-seeing-this-view-it-in-a-browser link and a few more links at the bottom there was a comment I'm pretty sure wasn't supposed to be visible."

It reads:

commenter can delete this message to hide from others. note: don't forget to add the time options after the command. nice video! 🙂 i had to look up the arrow functions and using if/else without {} but other than that i think i got everything. edit: oh, another thing i had to look up was when to use let vs var vs const – still not 100% sure but from what i got it's always "use const/let and never use var". the super basic way i think of it is just always use let, unless i want to make sure something stays the same. if that's the case, then i'll use const. i think there are still reasons to use var, and i've had programmers way smarter than me explain why, but i can't remember and just decided not to worry lol.

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