Ah, the beginning of a new year: What better time to clean up, start fresh, and make sure your various work spaces are primed for productivity?

Making your physical desk presentable is all on you (seriously, pal, would it kill ya to do a little dusting once in a while?), but when it comes to that virtual office in your pocket — y'know, that shiny ol' smartphone of yours — I'm here to help.

A handful of simple-seeming steps can go a long way in clearing out the virtual clutter, y'see, and turning your Android phone back into the optimal work companion it oughta be. And best of all? It shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

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So pop open your hood, put on the nearest pair of coveralls, and get ready to get your hands metaphorically dirty: It's time to step into the garage and get your mobile device in tip-top shape for 2019.

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