The laptop world is a-changing. New CPUs and GPUs—yes, mobile discrete GPUs—are creating a new generation of laptops that are thinner, lighter, and faster than ever, even gaming laptops. We have lots of news from CES to share, as well as first looks and the first few reviews of the latest mobile PCs.

The first big development comes from Intel, which has stretched its 8th generation of Intel Core chips one more time to create Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake. Yes, these are still 14nm CPUs, but Intel is promising that Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake will deliver a 10-percent generational improvement in performance over the most recent Kaby Lake-R 8th-gen chips. Moreover, Intel claims Whiskey Lake is half again as fast as a 7th-generation Core chip. We just tested our first Whiskey Lake laptop, the Huawei Matebook 13, and we look forward to seeing more of them soon.

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