With a starting list price of $1,980, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is no mass-market device in the sense of its more pocketbook-friendly (and larger volume) Galaxy S10 cousins. Some have said there is no market for this device given the price point. In my opinion, given the “status” this device brings to the owner as she pulls it from a bag or pocket, there will be plenty of buyers. (Remember when many said no one would buy a $1,000 smartphone?)

But what kind of buyers will find this device attractive? Certainly the “I have to be first” consumers will, as the bragging rights are very appealing. But I expect that a large portion of the devices will be sold to executives and business professionals (e.g., financial, consulting, legal, and healthcare), where the specific features of the phone (a truly compelling experience with the unfolded Infinity Flex Display screen size of 7.3 inches) make it dramatically easier to get the job done. And if it’s a business tool that’s increasing my productivity, I am going to be much less price-sensitive. But that’s not the only reason business users will find the Galaxy Fold attractive.

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