Lately, “Netflix and chill” has become less relaxing, as the abundance of options to watch on the streaming service have left many a subscriber browsing for something to watch for hours on end. Netflix has worked hard to customized each subscriber’s homepage to their tastes, but sometimes a stray bad movie or TV show can leave your recommendations a mess, or maybe you just don’t want an algorithm telling you what to do.

Now Netflix is rolling out another feature to try to help suggest titles for the indecisive viewer. The new feature will be a Netflix Top 10 list of the “most popular” programs on Netflix, per your country and the company’s own internal data. So if you can’t decide what you want to watch, you can at least see what everyone else is watching.

Netflix has made a habit of releasing lists of its most popular original titles, mostly in transparent efforts to boost the visibility of its original titles like The Witcher or Bird Box. But if you trust Netflix’s incredibly secretive viewership data, you may be a fan of the new feature the streaming giant is rolling out.

According to a recent Netflix company blog, the streaming service is rolling out a new feature highlighting the Top 10 “most popular” programs on Netflix, based on your country and the company’s internal data. These most popular lists as released by Netflix are often heavily stacked in favor of the service’s original titles, but this could be a quick way for indecisive viewers to see what is popular with most subscribers.

Here’s how it is described by Netflix:

“This new row – complete with its own special design – will enable you to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country. It will be updated every day and the position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you.”

The Top 10 List will be featured in a new row on the homepage of the Netflix app, with titles that make the list given their own “badges” to be differentiated from the rest of the crowd. Here is a preview of what that row will look like, courtesy of Netflix.

It’s still unclear how the Top 10 will be determined, and that process probably won’t become any clearer knowing how Netflix operates with sharing its data and metrics. It’s also not yet clear whether titles that aren’t Netflix Originals, like popular streaming titles such as The Office, will make it onto these daily lists. With the service’s history of featuring only Netflix Originals on its most popular lists, that doesn’t seem likely.

The new feature will reportedly be introduced beginning today.

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