Kevin Smith‘s recent movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It’s also on Blu-ray and digital. But none of those versions of the film come with a commentary track. So Smith, good egg that he is, decided to record one and upload it to YouTube for fans. It’s totally free, too – you don’t have to plunk down extra money or anything like that. Just turn the movie on, fire up YouTube, and you’re ready to go.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Commentary Track

Commentary tracks can be a valuable resource. A good commentary track can almost act like a mini film school, cluing you into how filmmakers put their films together. Sadly, they’re in short supply these days. Most studios are fine with not shelling out the time (and money) to get a track recorded, and that’s a bummer. The recent home media release of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot came commentary-free, but Kevin Smith decided to use this quarantine time to record one.

I haven’t seen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and based on the footage I’ve seen, I probably never will. I was a huge Smith fan when I was a teenager, but as I got older I kind of fell out of love with his flicks. And his more recent output – stuff like Tusk and Yoga Hosers – has been kind of dire. In short, he’s just not for me anymore. Despite all that, he seems like a genuinely good guy – and he’s an artist who works hard to reach out to his fanbase. That’s something admirable, and I salute him for it.

In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, “Jay and Silent Bob embark on a cross-country mission to stop Hollywood from filming a reboot based on them.” Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith are back reprising their now-iconic roles, and the cast includes plenty of familiar faces: Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Lee, Justin Long, and more.

As I mentioned above, you don’t even have to purchase Jay and Silent Bob Reboot to enjoy this commentary track. If you have Amazon Prime Video you can find the movie streaming there right now. So go forth and enjoy, and, uh, snoochie boochies, I guess.

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