The Frog is the newest home screening series to be released in the near future. In this article, we will review the biography and photos of the serial cast of the frog.

The Frog Serial is the first work directed by Homen Sidney to be distributed on the home theater network. The presence of prominent actors in cinema and television and the couples of Houman Seyyed and Navid Mohammadzadeh indicate that we are likely to engage in a fascinating and high-profile series.

Seyyed and Mohammadzadeh have been co-starring in Thirteen, Anger and Fury and Rusty Little Brains before, and The Frog Serial is their fourth collaboration. It is said that the same frog serial subject has never been worked on in any movie and serial and we are going to have a new and different effect.

The series has special production stages and parts of it are to be filmed outside of Iran. We will probably see this series launch in the spring. Follow us to review the biography and photos of the cast of The Frog.

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Biography and photos of the frog cast

Houman Seyyedi

Houman Sayyedi was born in December in Rasht. His mother is a retired Navy and his father a retired bank employee. Hooman is the second child in the family and has two brothers, Hamed and Hamoun, and one sister, Hilda. Attending acting classes “Karnameh” led by Parviz Parastoo was a prelude to his entry into acting.

In addition to directing, she is also active in screenwriting, screenwriting, theater and cinema. His first formal directing experience in the year came with the making of an African film.

The Frog Serial Cast
Homan Sidi has been involved in a variety of cinematic films including One Piece Films, Wednesday Surrey, Naked Feet in Paradise, Eve’s Shoulder Wounds, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Obviously, Buffalo, Sleeping Bridge, Native, Confiscation, Take Gold and the Age of Madness as an example.

He has starred in popular television shows such as The Endless Road, In the Eyes of the Wind, Thirty Days, Up to Soraya, and Mehrabad, and has been no longer on television since the year 4. The romantic series directed by Manouchehr Hadi and Golshifteh, directed by Behrouz Shoebi, have been among the home theater series.

Hooman Seyyed married Azadeh Samadi in 1 year and divorced him in 5 years. She then married Miss Bita Aslani and now has a daughter, Neil.

Hooman Seyyed on instagram


Navid Mohammadzadeh (The Frog Serial Actor)

Navid Mohammadzadeh was born in Tehran on April 21, 2009. He started his artistic activity from year 4. The film and theater actress won the Best Supporting Actor in the Fajr Film Festival for two consecutive years, starring in “Forever and One Day” and “No Date, No Signature” respectively.

The Frog Serial Cast

He has an active presence in cinema. One and a half meters from the film is his most recent cinematic work. Mohammadzadeh has not starred in films such as Redskin, Rusty Small Brains, Muffler, Anger, Laughter, Venus, Thirteen, Angry. It is interesting to know that it also runs the Friends program that runs on the Jam network.

The Frog Serial Cast

Navid Mohammadzadeh is also a frog serial actor, whose first appearance on the home theater network. He is currently unmarried and single.

Navid Mohamadzadeh on instagram

Saber Abr

Saber Abr is a theater, cinema, television and theater actor. He was born in Tehran on June 19th. He is a graduate of management. Prior to acting, she was involved in activities such as interior design and painting. Saber Abr conducted a school performance during his junior year, and his sister Marzieh Boroumand was also there.

After seeing Saber perform and his talent, he introduced him to his sister, thus preparing for Saber Abr’s entry into the world of professional acting. He starred in a series called Nowruz Fables, which was made in year 6 and made his first appearance on television.


He then took part in a third course of acting classes at Karnameh Institute managed by Parviz Parastui (Parviz Parastui on Motreb Film) to add to his experiences in this field. Saber Cloud has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film about Eli at the 27th Fajr Film Festival. He was also nominated for Best Actor in the 26th Season of the Festival for his role in The Snake.

He has many cinematic experiences in his career. She has also experienced a TV show host once. We have also seen activities from this artist in the field of music. He is now a frog serial actor and will be making his way to home theater. There has been much news about Saber Abar’s marriage. But he has yet to approve or reject them and is reluctant to talk about his private life.


Sahar Dolatshahi (The Frog Serial Actor)

Sahar Dolatshahi was born in Tehran on October 23. Her mother is a former vice president of the Swimming Federation and her father is a mechanical engineer and also runs a machinery company. He has a brother and a sister who both live abroad. Sahar Dowlatshahi is a graduate of the Department of Drama Literature from the University of Surrey and has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French from the Azad University.

The Frog Serial Cast

He began his artistic career with the theater, thereby becoming acquainted with the young Rambad and married to him in year 6. Sahar Dowlatshahi became more serious and gained fame by playing a role in the television series Traveler of the Year. Young Rambad was also a director and actor in the series.

In addition to the travelers, she has also appeared in other television series, including Nebra Suffering and Hedayah Bookstore. Iran-made, His Holiness, and the third season of Ice Heart have also been featured in a series of home theater shows starring Sahar Dolatshahi. He is now one of the frogs in the series and will record his next experience in the field. He divorced young Rambad in year 4.

Sahar Dolatshahi on IMDb

Fereshteh Hosseini

Fereshteh Hosseini was born in Tehran on May 9, a film and theater actress. His parents are from Afghanistan and have migrated to Iran many years ago. He has five sisters and one brother. She had a difficult time as a child and had to work in a sewing workshop to fund her schooling.

The Frog Serial Cast

Fereshteh Hosseini started theater from an early age. He directed his first theater work at the fourth grade elementary school, which took second place at Tehran province. His family disagreed with his activities, but the angel continued his progress.

For the first time in a year, Fereshteh Hosseini appeared in front of the camera in a documentary film “I’m a Happy Girl”. She then starred in Navid Mahmoudi’s “Going Out” and received the title of Best Actress at the Moroccan International Film Festival.

Frog Serial Wrap

The Frog is the first home theater series to be produced and produced in collaboration with the successful artist couple (Hooman Sayyidi and Navid Mohammadzadeh). Together, these two artists have provided successful experiences together and presented popular films. To what extent can a frog serial have the satisfaction of viewers? Thank you for joining us at the end of the biography of the cast of The Frog Series. Share your comments with us.