The second season of the TV series Monster, also known as Dracula, began airing on April 23, 1400. The duration of the episodes of this season is about 1 hour. The author of this chapter is Amir Baradaran and the designer and director of the script is Peyman Ghasemkhani. Filming began in February 2016 and is still ongoing.

Jaleh Kabiri, the new wife of Kamran Kamerva, who has been married to him for 3 years, celebrated his birthday and invited all acquaintances and friends to show off their wealth to others. Kamran Kamerva has also started a new charity for working children and, as in the past, is engaged in money laundering and has hired Mahyar Mehrafzon. A magnificent party is set up and we meet Camerva’s new friends and family. Draculaseries

Hooshmand is talking to one of his fans on a live Instagram, where the police arrest him. Meanwhile, Jaleh Kabiri, Camerva’s new wife, is visiting her staff to check everything and for Camerova’s birthday party. She and her other friends are shopping for clothes that tell the story of their acquaintance with Cameroon. At the same time, Hooshmand and several Interpol agents are on the border between Iran and Chakalova and are taking Hooshmand to be handed over to the Iranian government. Meanwhile, Kamerva, who has set up a new money laundering firm called Tabikh, which aims to help working children, is giving a speech and having lunch with guests after the speech. A few hours later, Mina is practicing English, after which she has a fight with Mehrafzon. Kamerva, who has hired Mehrafzun, then calls Mehrafzun and coordinates his plans with him. Mehrafzon and Mina fight again. A few hours later, Cameroon’s glorious party begins and we see the interaction between the characters.

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