Act quickly, because a whole bunch of great titles are leaving HBO Max in November, and November is very soon! Like…a week away soon. So you better get off your butt and then get back on your butt as you sit on your couch and watch these movies. Here are the best movies leaving HBO Max in November 2020.

all the president's men netflix

All The President’s Men

Once upon a time, journalists could write a series of stories about presidential corruption and – get this! – the stories could bring down the president. That’s right! The stories actually mattered, unlike today, where we get approximately 10 billion damning news stories about our current president and absolutely nothing changes, because we live in hell. Alan J. Pakula‘s masterful All the President’s Men features Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein, the Washington Post reporters who blew the lid off of Watergate and brought down Richard Nixon in the process.


Another great paranoid thriller leaving HBO Max next month: JFK, Oliver Stone‘s fantastic examination of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Kevin Costner is New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who strives to root out the conspiracy behind the assassination. To be clear: Stone’s movie is bullshit from beginning to end. He gets almost nothing right here, factually. But that’s okay! The film is so brilliantly made – pieced together with all sorts of alternating styles of footage, and loaded with great performances – that we can forgive Stone’s nonsense.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Spike Lee‘s magnificent biopic of Malcolm X features a career-best performance from Denzel Washington as the activist and Nation of Islam spokesman. The sprawling film follows Malcolm X from his childhood, his young adulthood as a petty criminal, his conversation to the Nation of Islam, his falling-out with the organization, and his assassination. It’s a must-see movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, get on that ASAP.

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The best superhero movie ever made. Ever. Don’t @ me.

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Sidney Lumet‘s final directorial effort is a bleak, brilliant exploration of a crime gone horribly wrong. Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman are two very different brothers caught up in a messy situation involving a robbery of the jewelry store their family owns. Twisty, intense, and a masterclass of great performances, this is the type of adult-driven drama that we need more of.

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