Since there’s a new version of Mortal Kombat coming to the big screen this spring, there’s no better time to look back at the first attempt to turn a one-on-one fighting video game into a big screen blockbuster.

Street Fighter arrived a year after Super Mario Bros. stunk up the big screen, and it didn’t do any favors for video game movies. In fact, this movie may as well have been an entirely original movie, because if there’s one thing that the Street Fighter movie barely has, it’s actual street fights. But as the Street Fighter Honest Trailer reminds us, there’s plenty of Jean-Claude Van Damme being an All-American soldier with a Belgian accent and Raul Julia swishing his cape around while making the best of a terrible script.

Street Fighter Honest Trailer

It’s a shame to think that Raul Julia was battling cancer during the film’s production, giving a villainous turn that is leaps and bounds better than every single aspect of this movie. Raul Julia’s performance is so good that he essentially turns M. Bison’s cape into a supporting star. Meanwhile, the best thing about Jean-Claude Van Damme is that he was able to remember all of his lines while also doing lines. In case you missed it, we’re talking about cocaine.

Thankfully, studios are making a much more concerted effort to give video games a proper big screen adaptation than when they were just trying to capitalize on their popularity in the 1990s. Granted, studios are still only in it for the money, but they’re much more invested in delivering a movie that stays true to the spirit of the game. It hasn’t exactly made video game movies much better, but that’s not stopping them from trying again and again.

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