Under normal circumstances, we’d be excited to see Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters. But since it’s maybe not the best idea to head back to movie theaters right now, we’ll have to settle for catching it on Disney+ Premier Access. However, for those feeling safe enough to head to your local multiplex, you’ll probably be treated to the first trailer for Pixar’s Luca. Thankfully, it will also be debuting online tomorrow. But before that, we have a new poster featuring the fantasy adventure’s title character swimming in the sea near the Italian Riviera.

Luca Poster

Luca Poster

Pixar’s Luca is directed by La Luna filmmaker Enrico Casarosa and is set on the coast of Italy at the height of summer. In the poster above, we see the titular character floating on his back in the sea. Above water, Luca appears to be your average human boy. But as soon as his body is submerged under the water, he becomes a fish-like creature not entirely unlike a mermaid. Luca’s best friend Alberto is the same kind of creature, and the two find themselves befriending a human girl.

Will there be some kind of love triangle among this young trio where Luca is forced to choose between living life in the ocean or on land? The movie is said to be a bit of a riff on The Little Mermaid, so that sounds about right. Perhaps Alberto will become jealous and afraid to lose his friend, and the two will have to reconcile with the concept of growing apart as they grow up and become different people. It’s a mature lesson for kids, but an important one that Pixar can help make easily accessible, just as they did with films like Inside Out and Soul.

Disney has yet to reveal the voice cast for Luca, but we’re betting we’ll hear about some of the cast members when the first trailer drops tomorrow, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the first look at the movie from earlier this year over here.

Luca is currently slated to hit theaters on June 18, 2021.

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