David weighs the risk and reward to see Tenent in theater while Jeff raves about #SLASHTAG, the hashtag used to recommend movies to the whole gang. For the feature of the week, David, Devindra, and Jeff are joined by Roxana Hadadi to review Boys State. See what this winner of Sundance Documentary Grand Jury, directed and produced by Jesse Moss and Amanda McBaine, has to says about our politics today. Thanks to our sponsors this week: LightStream and BetterHelp.

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Weekly Plugs David – Culturally Relevant interview with Jesse Moss and David gives his wife a haircut Devindra – Republic City Dispatch returns! Looking back at Book 1 of Korra
Jeff – Cameo going strong! Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)
What we’ve been watching (~11:30)
Jeff – Ted Lasso, John Was Trying to Contact Aliens, High Score, Lovecraft Country, SummerSlam David – The Vow (A Nexium Story), Married at First Sight vs. Love on the Spectrum Devindra – Lovecraft Country, Tesla Feature (~1:02:00) Boys State
Spoilers (~1:32:00)

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