Introducing Rhino Serial

Rhino is the latest Iranian series to air on 98’s home theater network, directed by Kiarash Asadi Zadeh and produced by Sadegh Yari. The series is co-authored by Mehrdad Kourosh Nia and Ali Asghari, a high-profile actor who came to the home theater network in the social and action genre. The project is being implemented by Mehdi Yari and will be distributed by Parsian Media Services Institute.

This is a highly-acted series in the social and action genre, summarizing its early storyline: “Young people enter the Hippo Challenge because of their skills, and this is the beginning of a friendship between them, regardless of the Hippo Challenge from a Mafia. Designed to be big and powerful, it is an unpredictable adventure.

After a few home theater series are over, it is time for some new ones to replace them. Hippopotamus is a high-profile drama series with many of them being theatrical actors, which these days are a common occurrence in Iranian cinema and television!

Rhino serial cast

Majid Aghakimi, Mohammad Amin, Sara Bahrami, Sattar Pessiani, Pantea Panahi, Sharareh Dolatabadi, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Mustafa Zamani, Hoda Zein al-Abedin, Kazem Sayahi, Banipal Shomoun, Nader Fallah, Masoumeh Ghasemi Pour, Elham Korda They are cast in this series.

Factors for the production and production of rhino serial

Directed by: Kiarash Asadizadeh, Designer: Mehdi Yari, Writers: Ali Asghari & Mehrdad Kourosh Nia, Production Consultant: Dr. Mohammad Ali Hossein Nejad, Production Director: Vahid Moradi, Sound Director: Babak Ardalan, Scene Designer: Amir Hossein Hadad, Clothing Designer : Marjan Golzar, Director of Filming: Mohammad Rasouli, Sound Designer: Faramarz Abul Sadegh, Designer: Amir Torabi, Editing: Sepideh Abdul Wahab, Director of Planning and Supervising Director: Reza Bakhtiari Nik, Planner: Mohammad Saghafi, Secretary: Maral Fathi First Assistant Director: Mehran Shahr Ashub, Music: Ali Shahbazi, Cameraman: Behrouz Seifi, Photographer: Habib Majidi, Second Assistant Director N: Mohammad Razavi, Procurement Manager: Vahid Damandeh, Special Visuals: Hassan Izadi, Special Field Effects: Hamid Rasoulian, Action Motion Designer: Arsha Aghdasi, Behind-the-scenes Cinema: Ali Hamdkhoda, Public Relations Manager & Virtual Advisor: Mansoura Basmal, Producer: Sadegh Yari

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